Summer House Condos - Hilton Head - South Carolina

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Summer House Condos - Hilton Head - South Carolina


Summerhouse Condos located on 380 Marshland Road, South Carloina 29926
has recently changed its name from an infamously bad apartment complex with a host
of serious problems.

Unfortunately changing the name to SummerHouse does not immediately white wash the problems at this complex.

There is a safety/crime problem on this very unusual complex still.
1. Management has no problem unlocking your door and walking in (its called the knock 1 second rule where they knock just before entering) -- you figure the safety on that one.

2. The new management company is JULIAN & LECRAW Company who have very poor record of addressing issues. CHECK THEIR Better Business Bureau file. Its not pretty.

3. The safety in this neighborhood is so bad that in June 2006 it made FRONT PAGE NEWS where several of the buildings and automobiles were spray painted with graffiti. That is unheared of in Hilton Head. You would have to be pretty darned bad to be spray painted on Hilton Head.

4. Maintenance crew have no problem putting a ladder and hopping onto your balcony to do some work. So early in the morning you may be walking around with your shorts on, and your wife/girlfriend could be walking around buck naked while one of these Jokers hired by the JULIAN LECRAW & COMPANY's version of the new SummerHouseCondos hops onto your balcony via a ladder and starts painting, or doing whatever they need to do without any warning at all whatsoever. THAT IS PATHETIC.

5. Anyone who wants to stay at this complex should be aware that there is only one trash bin for this entire complex. So it is not uncommon to see people HAULING THEIR OWN TRASH on top of their own car. This is very odd because JULIAN LECRAW & COMPANY make wild boast about their property ( being five star accommodations. That is total nonesense. Several people have taken up this matter with JULIAN LECRAW & COMPANY EXECUTIVES. They basically say, thats the way it is. The trash bin is so far away for some that it takes several minutes in the sweltering heats of walking to just toss the trash. OR you can do like most people at this very odd and unusual complex. Haul your own trash. The site is pathetic. Anyone seeking to buy or lease here needs to know what this company is exactly all about. Their style of management is really quite pathetic.

6. The houses are remarkably shoddy in design where mere walking across the house will cause the floor to shake. The design is so shoddy that even inexpensive things like electric wall switch outlets are bent to expose the wiring underneath. This is caused by use of remarkably cheap plastic covers on light switches. I cant ever recall in my entire life where I have seen electrical and switch outlets be bent out of shape. Apparently JULIAN LEWCRAW & COMPANY seem to have a problem spending 10cents more per outlet/switchoutlet covers.

7. Maintenance personnel are loud and obtrusive.

The serious buyer or renter at Hilton Head Condos - Hilton Head - South Carlonia - 29926
located on 380 Marshland Road need take extreme caution as JULIAN LECRAW & COMPANY Talk a Good Game but Walk a Pathetic One that is truly shameful and which they are unapologetic about.

It appears that changing the name from lochness or greylock or whatever it was to SummerHouse Condos (because of the huge amount of problems it has had) is merely cosmetic. It is a cheap way of deception. Changing names. So when you do a search for police reports, vandalism reports, complaint reports, the prior name will not register the new one.

My guess is that JULIAN LECRAY & COMPANY will slyly manage to change their name but once again in a few years time as this property is definately downhill and going further down fast.

Everything stated herein can be verified independently. CHECK ALL THESE FACTS ON YOUR OWN.

is that you are going to get a severe case of diarreah afterwards.

Originally called Greystone Loch and located conveniently on Hilton Head Island off of Marshland Road, these are selling like Hot Cakes! Orignally luxury apartments, located near the Cross Island Parkway, a few yards from Broad Creek Marina, and directly across from Edgewater (Complex selling in the $650k+ range)….

One, two, and three bedroom villas are selling from $170,000 to $349,000+.

This will be a gated community with fitness center, clubhouse, car wash, pool, Jacuzzi, hammocks, garages and storage units *sold separately.

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